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Connect with explorers, technologists, and entrepreneurs colonizing the stars. 

Connect, share and learn about the boundless opportunities of business in space.

The Business Space is a network to facilitate the transfer of skills, resources and knowledge between past, present and future generations of space pioneers. 

Founded by Kevin Rice

Retired Director of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Business Space was founded from a deep desire for Kevin Rice to preserve and impart his knowledge, skills and experience to equip the next generation of space industry leaders to succeed.

Built over an illustrious 40 year career as director of business management for Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Kevin headed the business capability of projects such a Lockheed’s SR71 Blackbird and Mars Rovers including Spirit, Opportunity and Perseverance. 


Here’s what you can expect when you join The Business Space

Out Of This World Founders

Learn from and connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders from companies on the cutting edge of the space industry. Join live Q+A’s to hear the stories of how they got where they are today, and their ambitious vision for the future.

Mastermind Placement.

Join an online mastermind to be matched with a group of ambitious young people aspiring to forge a career in the aerospace and space industry. Whether your background is in science, engineering, or business, The Business Space is a platform to network, connect and share innovative skills. Ideas and passions for the space industry.

Master Highly Valuable Skills

Learn highly valuable skills to build your career and make you valuable in the marketplace. Our structured course offerings will give you an edge, whether starting your own business or bringing your talents to the corporate world.

Exclusive Jobs and Internships

Build Powerful Connections With VIPs Discover and enjoy the private world of unannounced jobs, "unfair" perks, and more through our talent connection program.

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Master the Business and Finance Skills to Excel in the Space Industry.

CFO University

Built off the back of 40+ years of hands-on experience directing the business capability of some of the world’s most complex and high stakes space missions, including 3 Mars Rovers. Imagine having the confidence to walk into any job interview, boardroom or corporate environment, knowing precisely how business needs to be done for mission success.

International Business

The world is deeply interconnected and to succeed in the corporate environment, firms must have a global perspective. This course will give you extensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts and mechanisms of the global marketplace.

Personal Investment

Master the key concepts and terms that are essential to building your personal wealth. Prepare yourself with a solid foundation for taking the step into the world of investing. You will confidently know the landscape of the different types of securities, such as equity (stocks); debt (bonds); derivatives along with various funds and annuities.

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Want to learn how we can help you apply the business management and financial systems employed across NASA, JPL and Lockheed Martin into your business? 

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