Elite Business Systems for Space Companies

Helping space companies gain a competitive edge through the optimization of financial business and management capabilities, guided by 40 years of tested and proven business principles.

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Kevin Rice brings over 4 decades of experience as director of project business management, overseeing and responsible for the business capability of groundbreaking projects.

Philosophy on Consulting

Our approach to providing business consulting is to participate as a team player in your organization focused on providing recommendations on how to optimize the business side of your operations to best support the technical objectives.

We recognize that the technical objectives and accomplishments are paramount and that the business solution must support that core reality.

I have found that oftentimes consultants try to make the technical approach and infrastructure fit a specific business architecture rather than the other way around.

We recognize that it is the business paradigm that must be flexible in order to fully support the technical strategic objectives.

Project Business Management.

Help to make your projects commercially successful.

A hands-on look into your business goals, milestones, and timelines followed by recommendations to optimize your strategic plan and employ optimal leverage of all available resources to achieve your objectives. 

Our primary focus is to work closely with your management team to optimize business processes to help create an efficient and successful business framework thereby allowing the technical team to focus on what they do best.

Outputs: You will receive a clearly defined, actionable plan relating to the essential functions surrounding your management and business processes with recommendations for their optimization and improvement. 

Doing Business With The US Government.

Generating proposals that win government contracts.

Does your organization have a desire to do business with the US Government? We can help identify, propose, and win development contracts through NASA, DoD, and DARPA among others. 

Outputs: Help in creating a strategic plan with actionable steps in order to move your enterprise forward in doing business with the US Government.

Corporate Training

Have your team learn Kevin’s business, financial, management, and leadership skills. 

Have Kevin work closely with your team for training in leadership, financial and project management, and business capability, conducted in a way that will strategically elevate the overall performance of your organization. 

Give your technical team an essential and contextualized understanding of financial and business processes and how it relates to them. Elevate the skills of your financial, management, and business team with in-depth training developed over many years at the pinnacle of the industry. 

Outputs: A skilled team with highly specialized knowledge in business and finance tailored to your organization’s goals and objectives. 

Custom Engagement.

Explore additional areas we can help.

Could your organization benefit from a CFO’s capability but unable to justify a multiple 6 figure salary?

We can provide advice on any or all of the above subjects as well as a plethora of others including;

  • Guidance on strategic mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Taking your company public.
  • Conducting business internationally.
  • Guidance on breaking into the US market.
  • Building value into your company and preparing for a strategic exit. 
  • Leadership and strategic vision.