Corporate Training

Have your team learn Kevin’s business, financial, management, and leadership skills. 

Kevin Rice

Philosophy on training

I have spent many years developing and conducting management training activities in the Lockheed Martin and NASA environments.

The discussions will enable managers to understand more of how the corporation works; how to effectively communicate the message; how to lead a team; and how to make a successful transition from being an individual contributor to being an effective manager.


When your technical personnel obtains a more robust and contextualized understanding of the business functions and their role and responsibilities, you will see efficiency, productivity, and collaboration increase, resulting in a more optimized and therefore successful business.

Upon assuming the role of Director of Project Business at JPL, Kevin was tasked with overhauling the business aptitude of the agency, specifically the analysis and assessment of project performance in relation to stated objectives and commitments. 

It became apparent that although JPL was a world-class space science institution, brimming with the ingenuity and brilliance of its engineers and scientists, the business capability had taken a less prominent role. 

One of Kevin’s priorities was to bring to light the importance of business operations to the non-business-related personnel and contextualize why it was ultimately in their individual and collective best interest to gain a basic understanding of project business functions. 

The result was a cost management methodology dubbed the Dark Green Book that proved so effective it was adopted not just throughout JPL but the wider NASA community and still serves as the business model to this day.

We offer training and education tailored to your organization’s goals and people, both in business and technical roles. 


Have your executive business and finance team learn firsthand the corporate governance methodology and project business management principles applied by Kevin the director of business management for Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks.

These principles contributed to the commercial success of remarkably complex and groundbreaking feats of engineering and production including; the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117 Nighthawk, U2 Spyplane, C-130 Hercules Series, and the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

You will also learn the cost management principles and organizational structure laid out in the Dark Green Book responsible for the budgetary oversight of numerous earth science and planetary missions including 3 Mars rovers (Spirit, Opportunity, and Perseverance). 


Kevin’s 30 years of experience as a college professor has equipped him with practical teaching skills, understanding what is needed based on the student’s responsibilities and aspirations. 

No better was this demonstrated than his training curriculum titled “Finance for Non-Finance Managers” which was also engaged across JPL. 

Kevin skillfully teaches only the most essential principles of business and finance in a way that makes sense and gives context to those tasked with the research, development, and production of innovative space products and services

You will come away with:

  • A skilled team with highly relevant knowledge in business and finance tailored to your organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Materials and curriculum for the streamlined training of any future staff as they join your organization cutting down training time and costs.

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