Project Business Management

Help to make your projects commercially successful.

Kevin Rice

Success stems from the wisdom and ability to perceive and establish the most impactful business objectives.

Plus, the ability to develop and implement a strategic plan that utilizes optimal leverage of available resources to achieve those objectives.

In this strategy session, we will explore the goals of your organization, along with an in-depth review of the business capability surrounding them. 

What We Will Cover

Understanding your business and objectives.

We will take time to learn the key milestones and goals you have set, along with the timeline and available resources relating to those goals. 

Evaluate your monthly rhythm.

Learn the “rhythm” of your organization and analyze the performance of your processes in relation to your key performance indicators, both financial and technical.

We will then provide insight into the importance and priority of these KPIs related to your overall strategy and provide actionable strategies for the potential optimization of this rhythm to increase productivity.

Analyze your financials.

We will explore your capital requirements based on your various time horizons and provide  insight into the critical questions, including:

  • Are funds, profit  or cashflow your primary financial objective?
  • Is your capitalization adequate in relation to your goals and timelines? 
  • Are your resources adequate to support your expenditure profile? 
  • What are the key metrics that evaluate performance? 
  • What is your cash flow from assets, is it enough, and is it important?
  • Do you know your industry benchmarks, and how do you stack up?

You will leave with a clearly defined set of recommendations relating to the essential functions surrounding your management and business processes with suggestions for their optimization.

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