Doing Business With The US Government

 Generating proposals that win government contracts.

Kevin Rice

Kevin’s 40 years of experience routinely saw him interfacing and doing business with the highest level of government, including NASA, DoD, DARPA, among others.

This experience has yielded an extensive understanding of the inner workings of the US Government procurement process and what it takes to identify, propose and win contracts with the various government agencies. 

If your organization desires to do business with the US government directly or as a subcontractor, there are numerous requirements that can often be overlooked, misjudged, or misunderstood.

We can help you become a qualified bidder and open up a world of business opportunities with the Government. 

Conversely, if you are already registered as a qualified bidder but struggling with submitting proposals that win business, we can help audit, advise and install a proven process for drafting successful proposals. 


During This Strategy Session We Will:

– Understand your business goals with regard to government contracts or subcontracts. 

– Detail the requirements for becoming a qualified bidder for developmental contracts. 

– Strategically analyze and provide feedback on the types of contracts that would be of value to your company relative to its growth cycle. 

– Provide input and guidance on what it takes to create proposals that win contracts. 

– Tailor your proposal response to optimize your organization’s strengths and provide and recommend a set of strategic action items  to become a qualified bidder.

You Will Come Away With:

– A clear understanding of how we can help create competitive proposals on government contracts.

– The necessary requirements involved in becoming a qualified bidder.

– What it would take to help prepare a strategic plan with action steps to move your business forward in doing business with the US Government.

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